My name is Sarah Austin and I am the founder of Really Helpful Club (RHC). RHC is all about helping one another and making our lives easier. It’s a FREE online network that brings together dynamic, busy and like-minded people to share great ideas and connect with one another. RHC is a very positive community built on Sharing, Discovering and Connecting.

As a member, you can share personal recommendations and ask questions in the Forums which allows you to find and recommended great businesses. Word of mouth is the best way of finding anything we are looking for in our daily lives and this is a secure platform which offers a trusted and efficient way of sharing our knowledge and leveraging our networks.
Discover handy contacts and useful resources in the RHC Directory to help you find everything you need. Only businesses with outstanding recommendations from RHC members MAY be invited to list in our Directory. This means you can be sure that everything you find has been tried and tested and personally recommended by another RHC member.
Run by Caroline Edwards, our events bring to life what we’re doing online and helps you to make new connections and learn and discover something new. They are fun, interesting and a great way to meet other people with a shared interest or a new skill. Our events and workshops cover a wide range of areas from lifestyle (e.g: mindfulness, nutrition, arts, health, well-being and sport) to supporting charities and helping members reconnect with the workplace, either in the corporate world or to start and grow a business.
Members of the RHC Directory may post events, workshops and courses in the Community Calendar. Charities may also post details of upcoming events. We encourage you to check the Calendar frequently to find out what’s on in your local area.
Businesses with outstanding recommendations from RHC members MAY be invited to advertise in our Directory which gives those businesses access to a unique and highly influential network. To find out more about joining the RHC Directory, please contact