Cucumber Clothing

Strap Line Cucumber Clothing, the Coolest New Clothing
Contact Person Nancy Zeffman, Eileen Willett
Phone 07768077386
Area Global
Address c/o CMS
Cannon Place
78 Cannon Place
London EC4N 6AF

Cucumber Clothing’s mission is to help you keep you cool, day and night.

We’re not saying you won’t get hot, but with our cool as a Cucumber nightwear and clothing, it should be easier for you to get on with your days, and sleep through your nights.

Our intelligent, beautiful fabrics wick your sweat away and its patented bacteria-eliminating properties make sure you stay deliciously fresh.

Perfect for hot holiday travel, pregnancy, breastfeeding, perimenopausal and menopausal, anyone undergoing medical treatments or if you just get hot.