Alicia Drummond – In Conversation With …

shining the spotlight on our inspirational entrepreneurs

Welcome to our latest LIVE on Instagram shining the spotlight on our inspirational entrepreneurs.

We talked to Alicia Drummond, founder of Teen Tips.  Alicia is an accredited psychotherapist, parent coach, speaker and author and, most importantly, a mother.  She works with over 150 schools delivering talks and workshops to help parents, staff and pupils deepen their understanding of adolescence and promote emotional health and wellbeing.

Thank you Alicia for your inspiring words about how to create and grow a successful, multi-award-winning business and for your advice on how we can help the emotional needs of young people at a time when there is so much stress and anxiety.

"Find what you are good at and do more of it.

Remember that business is all about relationships and it is relationships which open doors and create opportunities

Sometimes you just have to jump and believe that a net will appear

You need to be allowed to feel whatever you feel."