Amyr Rocha Lima – In Conversation With …

shining the spotlight on our inspirational entrepreneurs

Join us for our next Instagam Live on Thursday, 27th May at 10am shining the spotlight on our inspirational entrepreneurs.

We’ll be talking to Amyr Rocha Lima.  Amyr is a partner with Holland, Hahn and Wills, a financial planning and wealth management firm which helps professionals reduce taxes, invest smarter and retire on their terms.

At the end of last year, Amyr was recognised as one of the luminaries of the next generation of financial planners.  Amyr was voted one of the Top 35 Next Generation Advisers 2020 by New Model Adviser, one of the leading publications in the financial sector.

We'll be talking to Amyr about the inspiration behind his business, his passion for teaching the younger generations to understand financial wellbeing, and his hugely popular podcast which shines the spotlight on local businesses and entrepreneurs.