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12 Hour Massage Marathon

Posted on July 20, 2017 at 1:50 pm

12 Hour Massage Marathon with Jamie Lloyd on Tuesday 18th July 


Well what a day! I decided to hold a 12 hour massage marathon to raise money for Wimbledon Foodbank.




Cos it's such a worthy cause and there are so many misfortune people still out there who are without basic food!


Quite simply Wimbledon Foodbank do a tremendous job at providing support to the local community and beyond!


They even help other communities across the U.K. and provide food to those in need. 




Well Massage Marathon started off at 8am outside Wimbledon Foodbank.


I even met local MP Stephen Hammond and we had a good chat about the Foodbank.


People were just coming up to us and donating generously- you know what, some didn't even want a massage!


(Saved my hands!) 


Then a couple of hours later... boom!


It was like a few trains pulled up with people in need of massage!


I was rushed off my feet, people soon realised that my magic hands could give them more than a gentle footrub!


I had queues of people and only sat down for 15 mins! Well it was massage marathon after all! 


I fixed many people suffering from back, neck and shoulder problems and I even treated one guy who was 77 years! So just goes to show you are never too old for a massage and start looking after yourself.


Radio Jackie even did a quick interview with me and you can hear it here...




Then King of Bling showed up and for those of you who don't know him, he's the one who you see all the time cycling with Joseph's Dreamcolour Coat on his bike! You can't miss him! Nice guy! 


Then I managed to massage Simon Read from BBC 1 Right on The Money Show.


Then at around 5pm Ralph Ineson and his giant Great Dane dog turned up for a massage! (It's a good job his dog didn't want massaging-he was huge!)


Ralph quite enjoyed having a deep back, neck and shoulder massage and he seemed to feel much better afterwards.


The time just went so fast between 2pm-6pm- it was very busy!


By 8pm I was ready to have a massage myself! 


I managed to raise £725, and feel proud to say that I've helped such a worthy cause. I also want to say that I met some great people and want to thank all the volunteers who came down to help me! Lastly, a massive Thank You to all those lovely people who donated to the Foodbank!


You can still donate here at...




For a deep and therapeutic massage contact Jamie Lloyd on contact@jamielloydfitness.com or phone 07949162554 



A great day! 


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