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Back to Business – by Anna Streule

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 4:48 pm

Our thanks to Anna Streule for this blog about our recent Back to Business event.  Anna is Editor in Chief at Mums in Heels https://mums-in-heels.com/


Considering the buzz of energy I felt after attending the Back to Business event at Roehampton University, I felt it quite frankly, necessary, to write about it. For those of you lucky enough to attend, you know what I´m talking about.

A large room full of (mostly) women is often a good thing, and when these women get to speak about their own business ideas, thoughts and concerns, it becomes a room full of magic. I swear you could literally see sparks fly. There were women from pretty much every single profession you could think of; from dog walkers to cow hide diary makers, from birthing doulas to funeral directors, and everything in between.

I had jumped on a plane from Zurich the night before to attend this event, not knowing exactly what to expect, apart from that it would be a buzz. I was a bit nervous, I won´t lie – what if everyone attending were really advanced with their business ideas and plans. Or what if they all already knew each other and I would be left feeling like the fifth wheel? There was no need to worry of course. Sure, some had established businesses whilst others had ideas, and yet others simply saw this event as a stepping stone on their path to finding out what possibilities were open to them. What everyone had in common though was this: the knowledge and belief that there is a place in the job market for them, regardless of the reason or length of career break.

Having listened to some of the fantastically inspiring speakers one could easily be left feeling slightly under achieving (hello Alison Cork), but actually one also got a brilliant sense that everything is possible and that famous saying that “if at first you don´t succeed, try and try again”, which I think a lot of women need to hear. We often overthink things and by the time we have thought of every single possible horrendous scenario that could potentially happen, we have given up before we have even begun. This very situation is what ViewVo, Lucy Standing´s wonderful organisation tackles. She runs a “try before you buy” business where you can “try on” a job by shadowing someone in a particular industry in order for you to make an informed decision on whether that industry really is for you or not. Isn´t that just a brilliant idea?!

On a personal level I truly valued the mingling sessions and the round table sessions in equal measures. As it happens I met a good friend of a friend from Switzerland in Joy from TechPixies (how fabulous is that company name?!) and was personally introduced to the super stylish Rachel Jagusch from Lucy Choi London by the event organiser Caroline Edwards who, by the way, together with Sarah Austin appear to have some magic super brain that know the names and backgrounds of every single person attending the events. Amazing!

As for the round table sessions there genuinely was something for everyone whether you wanted to expand your social media presence, set up a website or find some meaning to it all by finding that highly sought after “work-life balance”.

I don´t think I would be exaggerating at all if I said that there was not a single attendee who left disappointed. I for one am still, more than a month later, still buzzing with excitement from the amazing energy at that event. So if you have managed to read this far, and you have ever wondered whether attending one is worth it, my answer is a big fat YES.


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