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Posted on December 4, 2017 at 9:41 am

Space has been one of my favourite words for several months now. Not that I say it so much, but knowing what space can do fascinates me.

Moving the spine to create space between the vertebrae to allow fluid to pass freely where it is supposed to pass so that movement in the spine feels easy and smooth. Moving the joints to create space (safely!) so that there is no feeling of blockage, and the joints can work the way they are supposed to work. Standing or sitting in alignment with gravity so that there is space for internal organs to work optimally, avoiding unecessary squeezing of organs. And at the same time letting the diaphragm and lungs have the space they need so that you can breathe fully and freely.

Allowing there to be space between two thoughts, the luxury of finishing one thought before another thought comes! By increasing your awareness, noticing the space there is between yourself and whatever thought, emotion or body sensation you might have at any time.

And while taking a few conscious breaths, the space there is, this mini-moment of stillness, between breathing out and breathing in again.

Going on the yoga mat, creating space for yourself to simply be.

How about taking a couple of breaths right now, calming the nervous system down, and becoming aware of the space that is already within you.


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