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Posted on November 26, 2017 at 8:40 pm

Once during meditation, I suddenly “saw” all my difficult thoughts as clusters of cells held tightly together in different places in my head. I remember thinking: “Why do I choose to keep these cells clustered together? If I just release them and let there be space around them, allow them to flow around freely, the bad thoughts won’t be here anymore.” One of those aha-moments for me, understanding that I actually had a choice, or rather, the power to let go of the thoughts I was holding on to and which did not help me in any way.

This same kind of insight came to me again one day as I was practicing yoga postures on the mat. I had started the practice feeling some blockage here and there in the body. As my body warmed up and the movements felt more fluid, I thought: “This is a parallel to releasing the tight clusters of thoughts in my head, however now I am releasing blockages I have been keeping in my body”. Again, acknowledging the tightness that was there, but gently allowing myself to let go of the resistance that I had kept at certain places in the body.

My conclusion: Out of the prison of my mind through meditation, and out of the prison of my body through yoga practice. A true sense of freedom!!

I believe that when we are practicing yoga and meditation we step-by-step, and often unconsciously, remove resistance in body and mind. The resistance can be all types of blockages we don’t know are present until we allow ourselves to let go of them. Imagine all the energy we spend (waste) every single day on keeping this resistance going and how it affects us…

It has been scientifically proven that thoughts, emotions and body sensations are all linked. A tightness in the body will affect your thoughts and how you are feeling. A bad thought, or feeling low, will in some way have an impact on your body. Knowing this, it might be a good idea to treat yourself to some movements and breath once in a while, and by this nourishing yourself on all levels. Enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with it!


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