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RHC: Back to business – taking those first steps

Posted on September 10, 2017 at 6:04 pm

The RHC Back to Business programme recognizes there is a growing pool of talented and well educated women who all too often leave the workplace to raise a family and then lack the confidence or opportunity to find the role that utilises their talents and fulfils their ambitions.  Many of our members gave up careers to become full-time mothers and they are looking to use their skills, qualifications and experience to reengage in the workplace to find their next career. 


Businesses may post job opportunities on the website and many roles being successfully filled by RHC members.  We also have a Directory of recommended businesses which include career and life coaches and other resources to help our members to get started. 


Responding to demand from our members, we have hosted two very successful seminars attended by over 200 members about returning to work. Our workshops and seminars provide opportunities to be inspired and learn from other women who may have already done it.  They are suitable for anyone actively considering a return to work after a career break, or who is looking for their next career.  Alternatively, they may want to start their own business or take their ideas to the next stage.  Taking those first steps can be daunting and our events help our members to rebuild confidence, learn from others and to find the role that suits them.  It’s about accessing a wealth of knowledge, experience and support as well as making new connections and sharing your own experiences with one another.  


We are planning our next seminar in January 2018.  for anyone looking to return to the workplace or start and grow their own business.  Please keep an eye out for more details.


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