How to Do Work You Love

On January 27, 2018 at 9:30 ampast

LocationOSO Arts Centre, 49 Station Road (entrance from the green), Barnes, London SW13 0LF
About the organiserI am a career change coach with a background in consultancy and recruitment. In my coaching programs, I combine coaching with other tools for self-reflection to create a plan aligned with your core values and take you step-by-step on your journey to a new career, whether it is a job in a different industry or becoming an entrepreneur, and include how to stay motivated to make it all happen. What Jenny says about coaching with me: I decided to have career change coaching with Dina after many years of feeling stuck in a profession (of which I’d been part of for 20 years) I felt trapped and unhappy but did not know what I wanted to do instead. The process was challenging and amazing in equal measures. I am in no doubt that it was totally worth it! I now have a focus and direction that is taking me on a new career path with a confidence that this is something I can achieve. I would highly recommend career change coaching with Dina!

Does your work no longer match who you really are?
Are you longing to do more meaningful, fulfilling work but are unsure what you could actually do?
Are you feeling stuck and wondering how you could even begin to make a career change?

If you have answered “YES” to any of these, then this workshop is for you!

You may have a good job, even a great job on paper. You may even be the envy of your friends! Yet, every week the feeling of boredom or restlessness just doesn’t go away. You are starting to dread going to work every day, because at work you are a different person. Your work no longer represents your values or your interests, but you are too busy to think about change. Then you notice that another year has gone by and you wish there’s some professional guidance out there about how it could work for you.

Come to the How to do work you love workshop to find the answers to your questions! This workshop, specifically designed for women, is your first step to career change.

About The Workshop
This is not a traditional career change advice workshop, it’s a day where you get away from the noise around you so you can -

· Creatively re-connect to who you really are and what you want

· Start identifying your unique talents and envisioning where you could apply them

· Find inspiration and motivation to finally make a change

· Craft an individual plan you can put into action immediately

· Realize you are not alone, as you give and receive support from others going through the same journey!

The Workshop Experience
We work intensively but always in a relaxing and informal environment, so please wear comfortable clothes! This exclusive Workshop group will not exceed 6 attendees so everyone will get the most out of the day.
The experience will:-

· Be a safe space to be and voice who you really are

· Help you discover what you really want through visualizations

· Facilitate different ways to express yourself creatively

· Give you a better understanding of what has been holding you back and how to overcome it

· Offer the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by like-minded women around you

· Deliver powerful group coaching exercises and non-judgmental peer support

The Workshop Results
As a result of this workshop, you will have a better understanding of how:

· You have a unique gift or special talent to give to others

· Connecting to what brings you joy is your best guidance system for creating a career you love

· You have the resources within yourself to make your career-related dreams happen

After The Workshop
We can keep in touch after the workshop and move forward with individual coaching sessions as you continue to explore new career paths, if you wish. Also, we can keep in touch within a closed Facebook group, should attendees wish to do this.

Please read our Workshop Terms and Conditions: