Preparing for the Teenage Years

On February 27, 2018 at 10:00 ampast

Location20 Holland Avenue, Wimbledon, SW20 0RN
FrequencyOne-off talk
Price££60 per person, £100 a couple or two friends booking together
About the organiserThe Parent Practice teaches parents a range of invaluable parenting skills that can transform your family life. We work with parents of children from around 2 up to adult via short courses or one-off workshops to provide parents with tools they need be best parents they can be and bring out the best in their children.

Many parents feel quite anxious about the teenage years. Adolescents experience many changes in brain development and hormones during this period which can impact behaviour dramatically. Parents often report sudden changes in their children and feel they no longer know how to respond to this new person in their midst. They need new strategies to enable them to communicate effectively, to maintain effective boundaries and to support their children through a time of great change to emerge as competent adults.

Parents need to be able to understand teens and communicate effectively if they are to reduce conflict, help improve teenagers’ self-esteem and to minimise the impact of peer pressure. Listening effectively to teens helps improve their ability to solve problems, to develop judgment and to be considerate of others. It also encourages teens to come to their parents if they need help.

In this workshop we teach strategies that help foster a really positive relationship between parent and teen. It is suitable for parents of children approaching the teenage years as well as parents whose children are already teenagers.

The workshop covers:

Understanding teenagers’ behaviour
Boosting teenagers’ self-esteem
Engaging with teens so they want to listen to you
Motivating teens so they want to willingly cooperate
Listening actively to encourage teens to talk
Maintaining boundaries that generate respect, foster harmony and instil good values