Raising Girls & Friendships

On February 23, 2018 at 10:00 amupcoming

Location 32 St Lukes Street, London, SW3 3RP
Frequency One-off talk
Price ££60 per person, £100 per couple or two friends booking together
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Relationships are very important to girls. At different stages in their lives they will have different needs from their various relationships and will manage them differently but to be successful in this key area of their lives girls need some crucial social skills.

This workshop examines five different stages in a girl’s life and what she needs from relationships with parents and friends in each stage.

It also examines practical strategies for parents in cultivating good friendship skills in their daughters, helping their daughters choose good friends and be good friends themselves. It looks at what to do when you don’t like your daughter’s friends and what to do when she falls out with her friends or she’s subject to bullying.