Career Change Survey

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Please consider being part of this 3 year study which aims to give employers an understanding of your key priorities so they can better support people making a career change.  It’s a survey now (5-10 minutes) and a follow up in 2-3 years.  In accordance to GDPR, data is securely stored in the UK, will be reported anonymously and is only being used for research -not for marketing of any kind.

To take part please click HERE

There is lots of theory, but the aim of this research is to identify which factors (amongst many) make the strongest and most effective difference to people thinking of making a change.  The NHS are interested in these initial survey results and are being presented with findings in September - so any response you give will already offer immediate value to the largest employer in Europe.

If you know others who are thinking about changing careers in the next few years, then please do share with them as well.  The larger the data set, the more compelling the case will be to employers.

To reassure:

The researcher involved is a chartered psychologist and is Vice Chair of the professional body in the UK for Business Psychology. Results will be publicly shared in a bid to provide employers with an evidence base to support career changers.

Results will be reported anonymously (e.g: 43% of women xxx)

Data is stored in the UK by Yondur, who have kindly donated use of their survey tool for free to support this research.  Being UK based, data storage and use adheres to GDPR policy.  Specifically, the data is only being used in line with this research and will not be used in any marketing of any kind.

Thank you very much