Introduction to our Corporate Programme

Corporates are increasingly aware how important it is to support the health and wellbeing of their employees and how knowledge and understanding bring benefits to the organisation and its people.

The Really Helpful Club delivers bespoke programmes of talks and workshops to FTSE 100 companies, as well as smaller and medium sized businesses, for their employees and senior management teams.

The programme of talks are supported by world-leading experts and inspiring thought leaders.  They deliver high value information on a range of relevant, tailored issues, creating real and tangible benefits to the organisation and its employees.

The talks cover a wide range of important topics, from mental and physical health and wellbeing and women's health and menopause to parenting and intergenerational planning, helping to increase knowledge, develop skills and grow confidence.

We are proud to work with Global Asset Managers Schroders and St. James's Place Wealth Management.

"We enjoy a strong partnership with the Really Helpful Club.  They have offered a wide range of sessions, all of which have proved popular with our employees."

Peter Harrison, CEO, Schroders

The Menopause and Wellbeing programme at Schroders was initiated by their CEO, Peter Harrison, who understands the importance of bringing this topic into focus and how education brings benefits to the organisation and its people.

"When businesses come together with great organisations like RHC, they can effect real change. The work RHC do is so important to help break down barriers and surface these important conversations on topics that have traditionally been somewhat taboo."

Vicki Foster, Head of Inclusion and Diversity, St. James's Place Wealth Management

"The timing of the RHC’s webinar as part of their Women’s Health and Menopause Programme was great.  The session was extremely informative, insightful, pragmatic and thought provoking – it is helping us lift the lid on this important and all-too-often taboo subject."

Sue Kingston, Head of HR Business PartneringSt. James's Place Wealth Management

“We enjoy the collaborative approach to a business relationship the RHC bring. Employers & employees have to move the dial on so many topics and the RHC have provided terrific support to help us.”

Shaun Godfrey, Head of Marketing and EngagementSt. James's Place Academy

Our Corporate Programmes

Really Helpful Club Women's  Health and Wellness Programme

Debusting the myths, breaking the taboos and normalising the conversation

There is a growing awareness about Menopause across society and the media.  Women make up almost half the workforce and with an ageing population, more and more women are working later in life.  With over 3.5m working women aged over 50, this has important implications for corporates, not least the gender pay gap.

Approximately 1 in 4 women suffer from severe symptoms during Menopause and up to 1 in 10 leave their jobs as a result.  In the UK around 280 million days per year are less productive due to the Menopause negatively affecting work performance.

Events of this kind help to raise awareness, educate the work force and normalise the menopause.  They break the taboo and make Menopause part of the normal conversation in the workplace in the same way that mental health is now far more openly spoken about than before.

These events provide the opportunity to be an industry thought leader on an increasingly important and high-profile topic.  This is about driving female empowerment, equality and fairness and recognising the value that women bring to the workplace and how important it is to retain senior women in these organisations.

Our programme offers a series of bespoke talks and workshops focused on understanding female hormonal health at all ages and preparing for and managing Perimenopause and Menopause.

  • How to optimise female hormone health throughout one’s lifetime – from periods and PMT to midlife hormonal changes and treatments, particularly HRT,
  • The importance of nutrition at every stage of our lives,
  • Menopause and the impact on relationships at home and in the workplace,
  • Menopause and the positive effect of exercise and physical fitness,
  • Menopause and the importance of pelvic health,
  • Understanding hormonal changes and its impact on mental health throughput one's lifetime

Really Helpful Club Family Wellness Programme

It is vital that we should all be aware of the challenges and what we can all do to plan ahead and to live our lives to the full.

Healthier lifestyles and better medical care are helping towards increased life expectancy.  Whilst this is good news, the growing pressures on the NHS and the social care services, as well as ourselves, cannot be ignored.

This has created a ’Sandwich Generation’, those with older relatives to care for, and other family members to support.

It is vital that we should all be aware of the challenges and what we can all do to plan ahead and to live our lives to the full.

Bespoke talks and workshops covering a range of topics, including:

  • Family Matters: Starting the conversation about care - to raise awareness about the challenges and solutions facing us as a society and as individuals and families who have loved ones to care for and consider.
  • Middle aged myths challenging the ways we view our bodies -  Exercise is our medicine.  It’s hard to find the time to exercise, especially in our increasingly busy and sedentary lives.  As we get older, our muscle mass decreases, which can lead to back problems and knee injuries and all sorts of other issues.  For women, the risk of osteoporosis increases as oestrogen levels decline.  Exercise is a vital part of everyone’s life, and something that becomes more and more important as we get older.  Challenge is good for the body and the brain whatever age we are.  It is important to keep moving, stay energised and feel empowered.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can work with your organisation and enhance your wellness programme.

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