Cultures of Success - Motivation and your child

Over the summer, I had a great hour discussing with Alicia Drummond, founder of The Wellbeing Hub.

Over the summer, I had a great hour discussing with Alicia Drummond, founder of The Wellbeing Hub, the importance of motivation and how we can use this information to create the right ‘growing conditions’ for children to thrive and flourish at school and in life. If you want to listen to the podcast and our full conversation, details at the end. Read more...


Find out more:

  • The Wellbeing Hub for Parents: provides support for parents navigating the emotional and mental health challenges of their children. It offers a live and interactive space with many resources contributed by experts.
  • Listen to Arabella’s conversation with Alicia in this week’s podcast by joining The Wellbeing Hub: Join here.
  • We are offering a free Motivation Map for your child to find out more about their learning motivations and how their needs are being met. Promo Code – M-MAPSign up here.