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The Nutrition Guru

Tina Lond-Caulk is a registered Clinical Nutritionist with a First class BSc Hons Nutrition degree.

She has worked for the Health Doctors Clinic an Integrated medical clinic in Harley Street for 15 years. She also has a wealth of experience working with a well known prestigious Addiction Clinic in W1, London.

From her years working with young people in Addiction she developed a range of motivational health and wellbeing talks and workshops for schools and businesses.

She also has a thriving private clinical practice from home and in London seeing clients with a wide range of health issues, anything from skin problems, fatigue, insomnia, stubborn weight issues, hormone imbalance, menopause, PMT and much more.

She offers one to one nutrition consultations, health coaching and more recently Skype calls for both international and clients nationwide.

Tina is passionate about helping transform people’s lives by giving informative, educational workshops about the importance of nutrition as well as coaching them on a one to one basis in her clinical practice to help them achieve optimum physical and mental health and wellbeing, working with all groups and whole families. 

Tina now practices from her home in Kingston, Harley Street and also at the new Lanserhof Medical Spa from June this year

Marcelle Dubruel – Nutritional Therapist and Zest4life Health Coach

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist and Zest4life Health Coach. My clients transform before my eyes and I would love to help you feel your best.

Would you like to wake up every day feeling energised, calm, clear headed, confident and the right weight for you? I can help you and it’s not as hard as you may think. Busy lives are welcome! We know that there is never a perfect time. Balancing your blood sugar and your physiology helps you feel on top of your game. We work around your lifestyle and at your pace.

I work with busy people who want to take back control of their weight and health:

They want a simple practical solution that is healthy and easy to manage around their current responsibilities. They are looking for a solution that will get results and have a long-lasting effect. Typically they may have tried many diets before, and lost and gained weight.
They may have had a recent health scare or diagnosis which means their health is suddenly top priority.
They often feel that their hormones, age, stressful job, hectic family life is taking over and they are struggling
with low energy.
They want to feel more like their old self.
They want to have the energy for fun.​
They want more. They want to feel their best.

Marcelle runs group health and wellness programmes in Wimbledon and creates bespoke personalised programmes for one on one clients.

Contact Marcelle for your 30 minute complimentary Feel Your Best assessment and get started today.

WellWellWell Nutritional Therapy with Jackie Lynch

Are you running out of energy, not looking your best or grappling with niggling health issues? If that sounds familiar, then a WellWellWell nutrition programme could be just what you need. As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I’ve made it mission to provide real-world nutrition guidance in just the way that you need it.

I work with busy people who want personalised nutritional advice with regular support and a flexible approach – some have chronic health conditions and others are keen to take a preventative approach to their healthcare or simply improve general well-being. My great passion is to make sure you retain the joy of eating delicious food at the same time as making smart choices for optimum health.

It’s not always easy to establish a new dietary habit which is why I’ll work with you over a 12-week period until you feel completely confident with your new lifestyle. The most important thing is that you feel fully supported which is why I like to make the programme as tailored and flexible as possible. Once we start working together, I will be totally committed to supporting you on this journey.

If you’d like to find out more about the way I work, please contact me to arrange a free 20-minute telephone assessment to have a chat about your goal, complete a nutrition and health assessment and help you decide whether a WellWellWell programme is right for you. You can find out more about my nutrition credentials by visiting my website.

Bayley & Sage

Since opening it’s doors in 1997, Bayley & Sage has been the ‘go to’ destination in Wimbledon Village for an abundant variety of fresh food, fine wines and an impressive and extensive selection of beautiful cheese, artisan breads, delicious pastries, charcuterie, and a divine deli counter.

With further stores in Parsons Green (which also boasts a fabulous florist department), Fulham Road , Turnham Green Terrace, Northcote Road and a brand new store opening in October 2017 on Parkgate in Battersea.

Forever Living – Aloe Vera

I help people improve their general health, digestion, energy levels and skin tone. Forevers’ range of pure aloe vera drinks are made from 100% stabilised aloe vera gel – the purest form you can get. Cleopatra was a fan, so was Ghandi and so am I! The 9 day body cleanse for those who want a more serious health kick is very popular