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Take your freelance business to the next level – hire a personal assistant
The best way to grow your business is to create a team; hire a PA to start with – this is advice that artist, entrepreneur, and fitness blogger Aly Harte (pictured) gained from listening to business podcasts. She hired a part-time PA and everything got better. Here’s her story. I…
Can you have it all? Yes, by hiring a full-time nanny
We want to break the taboo around hiring a full-time nanny – it’s more affordable than you think A few years ago, articles and books about ‘having it all’ were all the rage. I remember in particular Allison Pearson’s comic novel ‘I Don’t know How She Does it’ for its sharp wit…
Don’t juggle – you need to hire a nanny
Susie Osborough didn’t realise her need to hire a nanny – until she got one after hiring childcare help during the summer holidays... When school holidays hit, for many parents stress levels escalate rather than dip. The slightly panicked problem of ‘How will we juggle the children being off school with…
A life in luxury lifestyle management
Luxury lifestyle management positions are becoming increasingly common among high net worth individuals. People are seeing the value of one capable person to manage their lives and staff to give them back time and peace of mind. We spoke to Ronald Rodgers, former lifestyle manager for Tyra Banks, about what…
How to Hire a Live-in Nanny
The idea for 14fiftyseven came about after I'd worked for many years in travel recruitment, and witnessed my peers juggling their work-life balance. Childcare, and how one employs help, is a common struggle for working parents. Hiring a nanny is arguably the most important decision you’ll ever have to make. I want to make…
Where to hire a nanny
14fiftyseven Director Susie Osborough shares invaluable advice about where to hire a nanny, having gone through all the options when her children were little. Have you ever tried to search online for Where to Hire a Nanny and quickly become overwhelmed with the multiple options presented? You’re not the first. Finding the right…