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We are an international recruitment agency, setting the standard in top quality staffing for private households and estates, corporate environments, family childcare needs, catering and hospitality and ski and yacht. When you need the best possible staff, carefully matched to your specific needs, the team at Greycoat Lumleys can assist you.
We are a UK based company with an international reach, endeavouring to fill any job registered with us, in any number of far flung locations (subject to Visa restrictions). Even though our recruitment operations are far reaching, we always offer a friendly, personal, discreet service.

Why it’s important to only use registered childcare agencies
For a family looking to solve their childcare dilemma or for a nanny trying to find their next position it can certainly be a time consuming, daunting and challenging time. But how do you approach your search; is it best to try on your own, utilising the internet or family…
The rise of the nanny for teenagers
TV presenter and newsreader Fiona Bruce recently revealed that although her two children are in their teens, she still employs a nanny to take care of them. What is more she certainly isn’t the only one as there is a growing trend for busy parents to employ nannies to care…
Governess or Tutor – Which to hire?
An increasing number of families are employing governesses and tutors to provide extra educational support to assist their children in achieving their maximum educational potential. Tutors and governesses offer varying forms of educational support but are quite different in their approach, although both are excellent ways to enhance a child’s…
Most in demand spoken languages for nannies
We can all agree that there are so many benefits of children learning to speak more than one language. However, for many parents the biggest obstacles to helping their child become bilingual are that they either don’t speak a second language or they simply don’t have the time. Learning a…
How to cope when your nanny leaves suddenly!
There is an old adage that says that two of the most stressful events in your life are divorce and moving house; well that person has probably never had a nanny leave suddenly! Because let’s face it, your nanny takes care of the most important things in your life, your children, and…
What An Employer Really Wants From A Housekeeper
The benefits of hiring a housekeeper are clear to see, especially if you lead a busy life (like many of you i'm sure!). Raising children, work and a busy social social life can make life hard enough without even thinking about the housekeeping. For many this is the prime time…
How To Lose Your Nanny in 10 Days!
1. Don’t sort the paperworkIdeally you should have a contract in place before your nanny starts, but if you don’t then make signing one a top priority. Aside from being a legal obligation on your part, it’s a good idea to have the arrangement clarified in writing. You’ll also need…
Who Is Holding The Baby : Modern Day Maternity Nurses
“The role is not to become a surrogate mother!” Parents employ Maternity Nurses to care for their new-born baby. The Maternity Nurse generally starts when the Mother arrives home from hospital, but often they need to be booked 6 months in advance! They best Maternity Nurses know how to assimilate…