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The greatest gift you can give this Christmas – a question!
Last week I was with a group of 11 year olds in a ‘Communication Skills for Life’ workshop. We were focusing on a technique we call ‘Doing a Hairy Granny’. It’s a simple three part structure to empower children to have better conversations with adults (hairy or not) in response…
Enough of the school-yard vitriol – it’s time to grow up
This month I want to rant. But I’m not going to. Because the thing I want to rant about is other people ranting. So that’s not going to work. Several things have happened recently to bring me to this point – all of them symptomatic of a deterioration in public…
Sing, Speak, Stay – is this the formula for success?
As I prepare content for my keynote speech at a sales conference next week, three main themes are emerging. Three elements which I believe are vital for success (at work and in life!)   Love what you do. Communicate well. Never give up.   I’ve come across three fabulous illustrations…
A 200 year old lesson in family communication
On a visit to the Florence Nightingale museum recently (a little gem – well worth a couple of hours) I noticed a small book in a display case of childhood possessions. It was entitled Sunday Evening Conversations for the use of Children by a Mother. It was printed in 1817. In this 21st…
Federer, Becker and Konta – how to win communication match points
The many hours I’ve spent watching Wimbledon over the last fortnight have not been wasted. Much of the commentary and debate has been about preparation, confidence and mind set – topics close to my heart, as you know, in the context of communication skills. From the moment I was lucky…