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Strap Line"Fashion changes, but style endures"
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I am an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist. I offer a Personal Styling Service suited to all budgets and lifestyles. My services include Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling (decluttering) & Personal Shopping. I will leave you with the tools to make the right choices going forward. You will be left feeling confident and have your ‘mojo’ back.

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How to choose clothes that make you feel amazing!
Hi everyone, Just a quick note from me to recommend the local stylist Judi Lockard. I had a colour analysis session with Judi back in November last year and have since thought I should write about it as I found it super useful! Here is Judi's website: http://judilockard.london/ Contact details:…
Personal Stylist – Judi Lockard
If you are looking for a new Autumn/Winter wardrobe, and would like objective, impartial advice on what styles work for you and your body shape, I would highly recommend Judi Lockard.  Judi will come to your house and give you some honest feedback on items in wardrobe and will give you…
Wardrobe – Judi Lockard
This is a brilliant no nonsense approach to helping with sorting the old and discovering what really works on the individual. Judi came over and did my colour ( fascinating to see ) and then my body shape, next was a cathartic trawl and sort of my wardrobe.I have found shopping 100 times…
Wardrobe styling/colour analysis
Have you got a wardrobe bursting full of stuff but still have nothing to wear - or at least nothing seemed "right" that was my problem until I had wardrobe styling from Judi Lockard. Now suddenly I always look fab and "pulled together" it's saved me a small fortune