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Contact PersonJanice Caluori
Email janicecaluori@mipiace.co.uk
Phone07740 086055
Website www.mipiace.co.uk/

Mi Piace offers a personal catering service to it’s clients including:-Parties & Celebrations, Private Dining Dishes for the Freezer, Ready Meals (including Gluten Free) and Lunches. Mi Piace is the main supplier to Nest Home & Cafe in Ripley.

Featured Events
Be Prepared for Christmas
We will be holding a Cookery Workshop on 8 November - "Be Prepared for Christmas". The workshop will include demos, hands-on practise and a folder...
Italian Supper Club with Mi Piace!
On Saturday 23 September we will be holding a Pop-Up Italian Restaurant. 7.30pm - £37.50 per person. This four course dinner will include - Spinach...

Featured Forum Thread
Mi Piace (Fabulous catering)
If you are looking for a seriously first class caterer, look no further!  I would highly recommend JANICE CALOURI who runs her own company "Mi Piace!".  Telephone:  07740 086055  Email:  janicecaluori@mipiace.co.uk I was invited to a summer BBQ where Janice was catering, and I can honestly say the lamb and…