Pam Custers & Associates

Strap Line Pam Custers & Associates, Private Practice in South West London
Contact Person Pam Custers
Phone 07572841388
Area Nationwide
Address 8 Ridgway Place
SW19 4EP

Pam Custers & Associates is a busy private practice in South West London offering relationship therapy, counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families, both on short term or an open-ended basis.

Some of our specialties include; relationship issues, couples counselling, family issues, stress & burn-out, anxiety, self-esteem, addiction, depression, divorce & separation, trauma, affairs and breach of trust.

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wimbledon psychotherapist, pam custers
if you ever need someone to talk to about your deepest, darkest anxieties, you can trust pam custers. i believe that most of us need therapy! it's such a relief to be able to talk about the stresses and strains of life which sometimes overwhelm us. i find it very…
Thank you to Pam Custers and Associates
In case you are looking for a therapist for anything having to do with relationships and restoring your wellbeing, I am recommending Pam Custers who I saw regularly for a couple of years. How good and helpful to have someone truly knowledgeable who will listen and guide you through challenging…

The Relationship Dilemma
The Relationship Dilemma by Pam Custers Q. I am 52 in a stable relationship and have two teenage children one at school one at university. I haven't felt myself for the past couple of years. I have mood swings which I put down to “that time of life” I have…
The Art of Communication
One section in my intake form is on communication. This is often the part that causes the most discussion. Each person brings with them a different style of communication and it can often feel like our partner might as well be talking a different language! If we start to feel…