Regina Hypnotherapy

Contact Person Regina Brancato-Dunderdale
Phone 07796067245
Area Greater London
Address 14 The Green
Richmond Upon Thames

Set your own boundaries!
Sometimes I hear people say, “they know how to push all my buttons”. In these cases, I have two questions. 1) How do they know which buttons to push? 2) And, why do they do it? Actually, people do not really don’t know which buttons to push. They behave like that because…
Keys to Success
Over the years, I've watched several pretty good webinars on "the Keys to success", "the steps to success", all held by some amazing speakers. They always make me wonder why some of us become very successful while others don’t make it. All of us, without exception, and regardless of our…
Menopause from hell
Then there was this fire inside that started in my stomach and rushed right up to the top of my head. I felt so hot even though I was outside and it was snowing. Then came the headaches, something unusual to me as I don’t usually have headaches. And of…