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Strap LineLearn to dance Ballroom with professional partners like the celebrities in Strictly
Contact PersonJenni Kravitz
AreaLondon, Greater London
AddressRegistered Office: Palladium House
1-4 Argyll Street

At Simply Dancing Partners is a Ballroom and Latin school where everyone is guaranteed to dance with an experienced professional partner. We have a team made up of teachers and amateur competitors who are all highly skilled dancers and who love to help my clients to learn. They are charming, and patient and it is a delight to watch the wide range of ages of clients and partners enjoying a shared passion for dance.
Group Classes with Professional Partners

We run regular Group classes in the evenings based in our studio very close to Marble Arch. We also have a daytime class in Battersea (Clapham border). Clients start as beginners and progress each year adding more figures and technique. There is plenty of opportunity to dance with the partners who lead expertly and make the experience unique. Every client dances throughout the lesson and receives instruction both from the teacher and their partner so that the atmosphere resembles a workshop.

This concept also works brilliantly for Men who want to learn to dance and for Couples who prefer to learn as a pair.

Private Lessons

Many clients are now taking additional Private Lessons with the teachers and dancing has become their preferred form of exercise. Private Lessons can be taken at any time of the day or evening and at weekends to suit clients’ availability and we have several studio options in Central London and in the suburbs.

Latin Dance Workshop

On Wednesday and Friday mornings we run Latin Techique Workshop classes without partners. These start with stretching and isolation exercises to warm up. Then we learn a Latin dance style either Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive or Samba focussing on the individual steps in considerable detail. We concentrate on the correct posture, arm movements and footwork and setting these into our muscle memory. This class is very popular as clients are leaning to dance well at the same time as getting valuable regular exercise.

These classes are held at Nuffield Gym in Battersea and another class is opening soon in Wimbledon.

Dance Partners for Social Dances

Clients who want to attend socials or events can engage a partner to accompany them so that they are guaranteed to dance as many times as they want. It means that our clients are the ones really enjoying the social rather than those who are sitting on the side hoping that they will eventually be noticed.

Once you have tried this form of learning you will always want to dance this way.

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