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For any of you who really feel in need of a cleanse, detox or healthy weight loss programme I highly recommend Detox Kitchen. Their food...

The Second Spring – Managing Peri-menopause and Menopause years with diet and lifestyle
In China, a woman’s menopause is called the ‘second spring’. It is viewed as a positive life stage. Northern Thailand have one of the few examples of a menopause ceremony. While it is universal to celebrate births and weddings, the Meo have developed their own ritual to celebrate menopause in…
Beating exam stress and anxiety with healthy habits and brain foods
Which types of food can improve memory and concentration instantly? Much of today’s diet is highly processed and comes with an abundance of high fat, sugar and salt all beautifully packed up for us in fancy enticing packaging whether its energy drinks, ready meals, protein shakes and so on. So…
Natural skin rejuvenation treatment
LED light therapy was originally developed by NASA and has been found to significantly improve wound healing.  It has been used in hospitals for over 20 years for rehabilitation and to repair tissue damage.  This treatment is totally safe and has no side effects, its use is supported by many…