Do you know your best colours?

Are your wow colours included in your personal branding?

Say hello to my fabulous cool client from yesterday! 💙💜

Kate is a coach who works with children & teens (wow super powers right there!) She has been running her own business -TheMindPilot for a few years now but is currently going through a rebranding.

Kate was recommended to come and see my by the lovely @jorobbensphotography as she thought it would be helpful to know her own wow colours so she could being them into her branding.

Kate was a Cool Dominant, very cool skintone, almost white blonde hair & brown eyes. She looks amazing in purple, violet, royal blue, cassis & teal!

Kate was surprised by most of her colours, having never worn them or would have chosen them out shopping, but she was quick to admit just how much she loved them and could see how they worked with her colouring.

Kates biggest surprise was the makeup I did on her as there was no black anywhere! I used all @colourmebeautuk makeup using soft cool colours.

She told me very politely that she thought she would hate it and was planning her polite response on seeing it 🤣but she actually loved it and said it felt more like her.

I'm looking forward to seeing which colours she wears for her branding photoshoot and which colours she chooses for her logo/website.

Does your branding match your style & colours? Is it something you have considered?

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