Dominie Moss – In Conversation With …

shining the spotlight on our inspirational entrepreneurs

Welcome to our latest LIVE on Instagram shining the spotlight on our inspirational entrepreneurs.

We talked to Dominie Moss, Founder of @thereturnhub a unique recruitment firm which
places women back into financial services after a career-break, career-change or when they have returned to a role beneath their potential.

Thank you Dominie for your inspiring words about how to build a successful, multi-award-winning business and for your advice on how the workplace is changing and how to be best prepared for a changed world and a 'new normal'.

"Overcoming my own limiting beliefs and keeping a growth mindset.

When you take risks and go outside your comfort zone, exciting things can happen.

Connect with your network, be opened minded, don’t think there will ever be a perfect time, be confident that things will fall in to place when they need to."