Elizabeth Pearson – In Conversation With

Helping women to learn about investing

Fascinating talking to talking to Elizabeth Pearson, Founder of Simple Successful Stocks

Elizabeth helps women who are wanting to understand money and get it working for them but don't know where to start or who to trust. She gives them the knowledge and confidence to invest in the stockmarket themselves and take charge of their financial future, making it simple, jargon free and full of sparkle!

Thank you for sharing with us your inspiration behind your business, what investing is and how to get started.

We are running a workshop with Elizabeth next Thursday 6th May on how to take the first steps to invest in the stock market yourself. If you'd like to attend please contact Caroline@reallyhelpfulclub.com for more details and to book your place.

"Ask for and be prepared to pay for help and support with your business

Investing is putting your money into assets which create wealth in the long term, independently of your time

You can start small (£25 per month), simple and make a difference to the world with the investing choices you make.

Successful investing is about consistency and discipline. Boring is best!"