Elizabeth Tweedale – In Conversation With …

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Fascinating talking to Elizabeth Tweedale, Founder of @cyphercoders. Cypher teaches children from 5 to 12+ years old how to code through exciting creative themes encouraging curiosity, sparking their imagination and building an ability to think and communicate ideas.

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing with us what inspired you to set up your own business and and your incredible journey as an entrepreneur, how you've adapted during covid and rapidly accelerated the growth of her business.

Do contact Cypher for more information about their Easter Camps and to find out more about their crowdfunding opportunity.

"Now more than ever it is essential for us as a society to ensure the next generation is future ready. 

Encouraging children’s curiosity and enabling them to move freely and confidently throughout the world armed with the universal language of code is our mission. 

Nobody knows exactly what the future may hold but we believe that technological innovation gives us the best chance of facing the great challenges ahead. The future really is code. 

Females think in different ways to men and this gives us a huge opportunity to change the things in the world that need to change."