11+ Mock Examinations for children with IW Schooling Consultants (16th December, 2nd and 3rd January)

On January 2, 2018 at 9:30 ampast

Location Ashlone Road, Putney, SW15
Duration 03:30
Organizer RHC
Phone 07850586724
Email Caroline@reallyhelpfulclub.com
Website www.iwschoolingconsultants.co.uk/
Facebook www.facebook.com/TheReallyHelpfulClub/
Twitter www.twitter.com/TheHelpfulClub
We are running 11+ mock exams during the mornings of 16th December and the 2nd and 3rd January. This is an opportunity for children to sit mock 11+ examinations ahead of the 11+ exams. Costs £100 for the morning which would run from 9:30am to 1pm. Aiming to start first exam at 9:45 with just a half hour break between the papers which is how the real exams mostly are run. The parents will get scores the following day at the latest with a break down of scores to help them know what to work on.