RHC: Fostering Harmony between Siblings – Workshop with The Parent Practice

Location Wimbledon Village, London, SW19
Duration 02:00
Organizer RHC
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Due to popular demand, we will be running the next in our series of workshops with The Parent Practice: Fostering Harmony between Siblings

Do your children bicker, argue or fight? Do they come to you complaining about each other or telling tales? Parents can find it very upsetting to witness their child being cruel to his/her sibling and get tired of the endless quibbling and niggling and the noise. This 90 minute workshop with Elaine Halligan, will give you practical skills to help your children be more tolerant and considerate of each other and resolve arguments successfully.

Elaine will show you how much can be done to make it easier for your children to like each other. Elaine will help you look at the causes of the rivalry and teach you many practical, well-tried solutions to help reduce the fighting and create a more harmonious environment. We will also look at effective ways to intervene without appointing yourself judge and to help the children resolve their own disputes. This seminar covers conflict resolution skills that will equip them for life.

  • Why siblings fight
    How to foster harmony between siblings
    How to respond when they do fight
    How to intervene minimally and effectively to help children resolve disputes fairly

Elaine Halligan is London Director of The Parent Practice.  For the past 10 years Elaine has coached parents to understand their children’s temperaments and enable them to unlock their full potential. Elaine’s clients include schools and corporates, as well as private individuals.Elaine came into parenting thinking she should instinctively know how to get it right. When her son was excluded from his third school at the age of 7 and diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Elaine knew she needed help and retrained in behaviour management. Using The Parent Practice methodology, her son’s sense of self-worth was restored with lots of positive encouragement and the outcome was he finished school last year as Head Boy, a huge testament to the transformative work and impact The Parent Practice has on families and children.

Cost £30 per person including refreshments