Employability – Foot in the Door

On September 6, 2018 at 9:00 ampast

Location Wimbledon
Duration 08:00
Organizer RHC
Phone 07850586724
Email Caroline@reallyhelpfulclub.com
Website www.flyingstartxp.com/
Facebook www.facebook.com/TheReallyHelpfulClub/
Twitter www.twitter.com/TheHelpfulClub
This one-day course is designed to be the first step and bedrock for each student starting their journey towards employability. To find the right vocation and one they will truly enjoy, they first need to understand who they are, what makes them unique and where they would naturally fit in. Once established they can focus on the right job role and use their experiences to come across as passionate, genuine and suitable candidates. This one-day workshop, in partnership with Really Helpful Club, is designed for students between the ages 17 – 24 years to establish this first step and build their confidence in a safe and enjoyable environment. Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, the students will be able to: * Understand the future of work is changing * Recognise the skills and attributes to kick start their future * Confidently recognise their strengths and what they have to offer to the world * Bring to life and describe the individual skills they already have * Understand their personal behaviour preferences and how to proactively use their psychometric profile * Understand and appreciate the strengths that others bring * Examine working sectors and roles within organisations * Know how to plan for and confirm relevant work experience * Understand the power of networks * Know how to make a great first impression and standing out in the right way * Understand the importance of being proactive * Amend and utilise their social media networks to increase employability Course Information Date; 6th September 2018 Group Size: 10 to 24 students Location: Wimbledon (venue tbc) Duration: 9 – 5pm Facilitation: Current global business facilitators To Book: * This course works well in conjunction with Flying Start XP’s: Interviewing with Impact Workshop Course content Course includes: Evidence storytelling, psychometric profiling using C-Me, personal impact training, career opportunities via roles and sectors, using networks including social media and individual action planning Costs Course: £280 per head (inc VAT) Detailed C-Me Report: £30 (please request this option)