Family internet safety workshop with Sylvie Garvey of Computer Fitness – SOLD OUT

Location Wandsworth
Duration 02:00
Organizer RHC
Phone 07850586724
This event is now sold out. Please contact if you are interested in attending a future event on internet safety. The session highlights the dangers of the internet and what we can do to protect our children but where we can set up controls on our iPads, iPhones, tablets at the workshop so when you go home you are ready to go. You will take away practical tips as well as a hand out when you leave. Sylvie is an experienced self-admitted IT geek who has 3 children so she understands how important it is to let our children use the internet but in a safe and fun way. Parental Control and Internet Security for you and your family: The Web is essentially like a busy city centre train station. You would not drop a child off here on their own without some instructions, rules and guidelines. The Internet is the same. Most of us are aware of the dangers. During this session you will learn how to put changes into practice and actually implement some protection rather than just talking about it. You are encouraged to bring family iPads, iPods and Laptops and, if not, you will go home with instructions for making the changes. You will also learn about apps that help monitor the kids. The Really Helpful Club have run this workshop before and it was sold-out and invaluable to those who attended. Cost £30 Location: Private home in Streathbourne Road, SW17