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Stuck in your career?
Lack the confidence to identify your strengths?
Want a career that fits with your values?
At a career crossroads and want to tap into what's the next step?
Want to up your game in a competitive job market?
Want to find out what your unique career advantage is in a competitive market?

Join us for an intuitive and informative session where we put you first - wherever you may be in your job search. Take a little time for yourself to examine Your Career Fit.

Whether you have recently been made redundant, are returning to work after a career break, are considering a career change, or are taking your first steps on the career ladder, our webinar will help you better understand yourself and what you want to achieve in the workplace.

This free, interactive webinar uses our unique and tested formula and by the end of the webinar you will have:

- Discovered your top-employability strengths
- Recognised your workplace personality
- Honed in on your career values.

And appreciated how you can use these to identify careers that are a perfect fit for you.

You'll also be offered a free, 15-minute coaching session to help you gain the clarity you need to move forward, as well as one key actionable takeaway.

In this webinar, we will be joined by our partner, Lara Doherty, a Motivation expert and Coach, who will introduce you to the power of visualisation and vision board that will propel you forward in your career journey.

About us

Find Your Career Fit is run by Terri Tuson, founder of Eluceo and the creator of the iShine app. Eluceo's platform contains a wealth of information lovingly tailored to make your career journey that much smoother, while iShine, empowers you to take control of your future by offering you a unique way to plan, track and manage your career. Using the latest Labour Market Information, and together with extensive resources from our community of expert coaches and consultants, iShine takes the risk out of rethinking career plans, giving you clarity and confidence to work towards your career goals.

Our Vision Boards expert, Lara Doherty will bring her powerful 12 Steps to Change Vision Board process, backed by neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, plus over 20 years’ experience in the corporate world, as The Motivation Clinic, she has applied everything she has learnt to create my own best life. Lara now shares this magic in workshops and masterclasses to transform and create change in people’s lives. So if you have been feeling stuck in your career, lacking purpose or direction and just can’t see a clear path ahead, she can help as she has been there and know how debilitating it can be and what that feels like. However, she also knows the solution and all the tools to get clarity and move you forwards so you feel lighter, energised, more motivated and excited about your future life and career.

Qualifications: Certificate of Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health, The Neuroscience Academy 2020; Primary Certificate in Performance Coaching, Centre for Coaching, 2019 (Recognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology & The British Psychological Society).


"iShine was easy to complete and I especially loved the questions on work/life situations - they were original and thought provoking. The results were presented in a very clear and insightful way. I loved the job suggestions and how you could see how well you were matched to other careers. I had not seen that presented in such clarity before." Hazel Wallis

"A great product with real world application for both school leavers and career changers of any age. Answering just a few questions opens up a whole host of information that can be used as is or drilled into further. iShine has taken all the hard work out of finding a new career." Karen Charlesworth

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