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How to understand your child’s behaviour in order to let them thrive

When we ask parents what kinds of qualities and characteristics they hope their children will develop, they respond with words like: confident, kind, motivated, hard-working and cooperative. They want their children to reach their potential, have great friendships and much more. In short, they want their children to thrive. The good news is that there are many ways parents can help!

In this workshop we introduce some basic insights into brain structure and development which allows parents to have more realistic expectations about how children typically tend to behave. When we know what is considered age-appropriate behaviour, we are able to stay calmer and help our children behave well.

Descriptive Praise: We discuss how paying attention to our children’s positive behaviour, with Descriptive Praise, nurtures a healthier self-esteem, increases levels of cooperation and helps them develop positive habits. This changes the dynamic within the home, as well as instilling a healthy attitude to learning.

Emotion Coaching: We look at how we can be Emotion Coaches to our children and help them learn how to recognise and manage their feelings effectively. This helps to strengthen their ability to self- regulate, and develops their emotional intelligence and resilience. This means they are better able to solve problems, and become more considerate of others.

Planning Ahead: We also examine the benefits of preparing our children ahead of time for new or challenging situations. When we help them think in advance about what they need to do, and how they can do it, and we give them the chance to practice, they are more likely to do their best.

This 90-minute workshop, with interactive chat-box as well as Q&A, is delivered live via Zoom by two members of The Parent Team.

Every participant receives a detailed e-handout, and a recording is available after the event for anyone who makes a booking.

It is suitable for parents of children of all ages and covers:

  • Understanding how brain development effects behaviour
  • Growing self-esteem and cooperation with Descriptive Praise
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence with Emotion Coaching
  • Preparing children to do their best in new and challenging situations

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