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We are delighted to announce a new collaboration between ACS International Schools and the Really Helpful Club.


Join us on Thursday, 30th January 2020 from 10am to 12 noon to learn how to develop resilience and self confidence to cope with an ever changing world and the challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence.  This talk has been designed for parents and children aged 11 and upwards and is free of charge thanks to the kind support of ACS International Schools Cobham.


The future of work is changing.  By 2020, a third of jobs will be lost to automation.  85% of jobs our children will be dong don't even exist yet.  So how do we plan for that?


Our speaker will be Alex Webb of Flying Start XP.  Alex will explain to the attendees that awareness is the key to building confident and self-aware young people.  Knowing their strengths, their value to a team and how to articulate it, is integral to success in exams, interviews and general school and university life.


Knowing how to get the best out of others and how to adapt their behaviour to improve relationships will make a young person stand out.  When you have a clear understanding of where you fit and the benefits you can bring to a team, anxiety lessens and your resilience improves.
Cost: FREE of charge

Alex Webb and Flying Start XP


Alex is a leadership and performance coach with a 20+ years career within Education, TV & Media, Events: B2B and B2C, Employee Engagement, Entrepreneurship and SME's.


Alex helps people with:

  • Self-awareness to create high performing teams
  • Leadership and Resilience programmes to develop leadership skills
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Facilitation and employee engagement programmes


Working with individuals and teams, Alex uses an array of tools to develop self-awareness, core skills, resilience and leadership.  The outcome being higher performing teams and individuals.


Flying Start XP works with graduates and students developing their confidence, self-awareness and understanding of the value they bring to a team.

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