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How to take the first steps to invest in the stock market yourself.

Many people want to understand money and get it working for them, yet struggle to know where to start and who to trust. This workshop will give you the knowledge and confidence to take the first steps to invest in the stock market yourself and take charge of your financial future.  You will understand:

• What investing is and why you may wish to do it

• Ideas behind investing: compounding, inflation and risk

• When to start: managing you money to protect and provide for you

• Tax - efficient investing

• How to start in a low cost, low risk way (£25 per month is enough!)

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in investing but has very little or no understanding of where to start. The information provided will allow you to start investing yourself without the advice of a financial adviser.

Elizabeth Pearson is the founder of Simple Successful Stocks and started investing while working as an architect. She just thought there had to be better and more enjoyable way of earning a living! She learnt to invest from her Dad as a way of sharing something he was passionate about and discovered it was possible to have her money working for her alongside her job. Even though she did not work in the City, have a financial background or a lot of money to start with. Now a financial educator Elizabeth makes investing simple, jargon free and full of sparkle for others.

After the workshop you will be provided with a recording of the talk for you to watch in your own time.

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