Parenting in the Digital Age with Elaine Halligan of the Parent Practice

Location Wimbledon
Duration 02:00
Organizer Really Helpful Club

The opportunities provided for our children by technology, computers, TV, mobile phones and games consoles are amazing. The wealth of information, the opportunities to learn, to socialise, to communicate, to create and to be entertained are immense.  But with this comes dangers of unwelcome content or unwelcome contact, as well as the health and other implications for our children of them spending hours in front of a screen.   

This workshop looks at how we keep our children safe and healthy while making the most of the technological revolution and examines the pitfalls or risks associated with the technologies that children are embracing at an ever younger age including what’s missing in their lives if they spend too much time in front of a screen.  

 Topics covered   

  • The need for parents to inform and educate themselves about the digital age
  • What parents can do to protect and educate their children
  • Ways of developing trust between parent and child
  • How to develop effective rules around the use of technologies and having a healthy blend of activities
  • Ways of communicating empathetically when they wish to have more technology – time or gadgets!


Date: 14th June 

Time: 10am -12 noon

Location: Wimbledon 

Cost: £40 including refreshments