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Learn from the experts about Personal Branding.

We all have a personal brand but often it happens by default. Personal brand is what used to be your reputation. As we are now conducting our business online it is imperative that we are seen in a way that is attractive to prospective clients .

This discussion based event will provide attendees with professional tips on the topic of Personal Branding and how to get it right and not get it wrong! Learn from Sally Inkster and Joanne Robbens who are both experts in this field

The event content will be based around Sally Inksters’ SWIBY her brand auditor
S = Self Awareness
C = Communication
W = Website
I = Image
B = Brand Story
Y = Your Why!

Joanne Robbens will explain that if you are thinking of having a shoot, planning is essential. What stories and themes will resonate with your ideal client? Who you are, your personality, your life, your clients, your clients needs and how you help them, your service or product.

This workshop is aimed at people who are setting up their own business or want to make an existing business more visible. Our speakers will ensure that your personal branding is authentic and a true reflection of you and your business. This branding can then be translated to your website, social media, advertisements and networking presence.

Sally Inkster is a personal branding expert who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to perfect their branding and attract the right clients. Sally helps people to gain clarity and confidence around their personal branding.

Joanne Robbens is a professional photographer who works with ambitious business owners that are serious about growing their business, want to elevate their brand online and ultimately generate more leads. Joanne's extensive marketing background means she understands the importance of presenting a consistent online brand, standing out from the crowd and ultimately helps her clients communicate their personal brand effectively online.

A full recording of the talk will be sent to you after the webinar and there will be an invitation to join Sally Inkster’s weekly branding and networking sessions.

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