Georgie Krone … In Conversation With

Supporting and advising businesses and organisations on their social media strategies.

Fascinating talking to Georgie Krone, my latest guest in our 'In Conversation With' series to shine the spotlight on entrepreneurs and hear their story and insights.

Georgie is founder of Georgie Krone Social, which advises businesses and organisations on their social media strategies. Thank you Georgie for sharing with us your inspiration behind your business, how it's grown rapidly in the last year, and for your top tips for using social media to promote your business.

We have run a series of workshops with Georgie on how to set up and make the most of the different social media platforms, everything from Reels and creating engaging content on Instagram, to LinkedIn and setting up a really effective profile. If you missed any of the workshops and would like to catch up, please contact us at to get a copy of the recordings of any of the workshops.

"Many of my clients do wonderful things and offer fabulous services or make beautiful products. I love finding out about this side of things.
It’s very inspiring and if I can help them with their social media marketing I feel as if I’ve been part of their journey. When I see them posting having followed my advice, it’s incredibly rewarding. I can cheer from the sidelines”

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