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Best Before Project aims to reduce food waste by raising public awareness about the amount of food being wasted in the UK because of the misinterpretation of the “best before” date label. Main activities include, running educational campaigns about food labels and encouraging food businesses to sell food that has passed its best before date as it’s legal and safe to do so. They also encourage and help facilitate them donating to local charities.

Total length of project: 24 hours over 1.5 months

Currently in the process of registering for charitable status, Best Before Project is need of support with a volunteer to develop out robust policies for the organisation. Not only will these policies protect beneficiaries and Best Before Project, but it will also aid them in proceeding their charity application through minimising the risk of being rejected or delayed.

For this role we are looking for a volunteer HR expert with experience of assessing organisations and creating policies that cover activities.

To apply for this job please visit linkuplondon.activehosted.com.