Support local, treat yourself and make a difference

Award-winning British brand Josephine Home was founded 15 years ago to offer designers and home makers a modern take on fine linen, inspired by the understated luxury experience of Savile Row’s bespoke heritage.
The brand has been chosen by luxury hotel brand Mandarin Oriental for its flagships and by VIPs  all over the world, highlighting  the brand’s unique credentials.
Provenance and sustainability have always been an essential part of the brand’s offering, values which should stand it in good stead as we re-evaluate our consumption habits in favour of thrilling experiences and lasting quality.
Each product is made to exacting standards by highly skilled British and European craftsmen and the company offers a bespoke service as well as an off the shelf capsule offering of bed and bath essentials.
Josephine Home are delighted to offer RHC Members 25% off their first purchase.  Please remember to quote RHC25

Investing in greener, more local products, where possible, surely should be an urgent priority if we want to start re-building a better, more balanced economy which will hopefully be more rewarding all around, through better experiences, more employment, and truly more happiness.

Time to revisit the happiness index! GDP alone won’t tell the whole story. We now know the invisible but insidious cost of our enslavement to speed of deliveries at any cost and to cheapness for its own sake and the outcomes are not palatable, both socially and economically.

Come on Britain, we can do this. We can lead the way if politicians, the banks and the press listen to the increasingly louder groundswell rising from all of us.

Together, we can not only keep the lights on but, in an age where transparency is unparalleled in our history, we, with our collective  voices, can choose to build tomorrow’s world, a world that we want to live and thrive in with a better appreciation of quality, service, experience – in one word a better quality of life.



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