Lara Milward - In Conversation With ...

shining the spotlight on our inspirational entrepreneurs

Join us for our next Instagam Live on Wednesday, 19th May at 10am shining the spotlight on our inspirational entrepreneurs.

We'll be talking to Lara Milward.  Lara is the Co-Founder of The Leadership High and of BlitzFitness. Lara is an entrepreneur, mother and sportswoman. She is the official fitness partner of the Virgin Strive Challenge and the author of Fit as a Fiddle for the Sunday Times.

The Leadership High is a leadership experience designed to activate and strengthen The Confidence Muscle and to support teams and individuals to develop a leadership mindset and #daretolead.

At 50, Lara is fitter and stronger than she has ever been and is passionate about energising, enabling and empowering the people that she works with in both her business and philanthropic work.

We'll be talking to Lara about the inspiration behind her business, and how she helps her clients to respond and thrive in the changing and challenging conditions we face every day.