Mid Life - The Play That Every Menopausal Woman Should See

Listen to My Interview With the Author and Win Tickets Via The Happy Menopause Podcast

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Over the past year, the taboo around discussing the menopause has been gradually chipped away which is encouraging, but there’s very little portrayal of the menopause in the arts, so I’m excited to tell you all about new play called Mid Life which is coming to the Barbican in London in February 2020.

In the latest episode of The Happy Menopause podcast, I speak to award-winning author Sheila Chapman who has written Mid Life, which charts the experiences of 3 very different women and their journey through the menopause. Dr Isabel de Salis is also joining us remotely and her research project is an important part of the picture. The play aims to bust myths about midlife and the menopause, and Sheila drew on some of the key themes of Isabel’s interviews with menopausal women to develop the script and to give the characters a truly authentic voice. I’m pretty sure you’ll recognise several of the challenges they face, so that you’ll laugh and cry along with them!

Sheila has big ambitions to extend the show and the important messages it contains beyond the theatre, to reach a wider audience. She’d like to put on shows for free in community centres, workplaces and libraries, and host discussions which capture the diverse voices of all kinds of different women, which could be incorporated into future iterations of the show and also into a book that will be published next year. If you’d like to support this brilliant work and help Mid Life go on tour, you can make a donation via Sheila’s crowdfunder.

Tune into my podcast to find out how you can win 2 free tickets to the show!