25% off Josephine Home Bed linen, towels, filled goods and throws for Really Helpful Club members

Our homes have become our everything. Whether you’re curling up in bed with a good book, or whiling away the hours watching movies, we are here to help you make your home a haven.

And to create your own perfect made-to-measure ‘nest’, ask yourself some questions….

– Do you read in bed? Add a square reading pillow, with firmer than normal padding
– Do you feel the cold? Increase the tog of your duvet, 13.5 is a good all rounder
– Do you have a mattress topper? Get one…a mattress topper is one of those things you don’t know you need until you try one
– Do you like a soft doughy pillow…or perhaps something firmer? Perhaps it’s time to change your pillows to create your perfect ‘Bedscape’
– Is the weight and the feel of your bed linen just how you want it? If not, it’s time to fix it to get the sleep you deserve.

Making small adjustments to your bed will make a huge difference to your sleep experience. At Josephine Home and Draper London, we have a range of bed linen to suit your needs. Whether it’s a soft and silky satin weave from Josephine Home (www.josephinehome.co.uk), or a cool and crisp percale weave from Draper London (www.draperlondon.com), our bed linen not only looks good, it feels great.

To help you create this perfect haven, we are offering a one off 25% discount for Really Helpful Club Members. To claim your 25% off click here and add RHC25 at the checkout.

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Offer Expiry Date May 4, 2021

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Who we are

Josephine Home was inspired by Josephine, my grandmother, who lived in the most inviting home I have ever known.

There was always a warm welcome, my favourite food – fresh from her organic garden – and deliciously comfy beds, which gave me the sense of being not just expected, but more importantly, cosseted and loved. In that, she was the ultimate hostess.

I never realised how unique this whole experience was until I tried to set up my first home and failed to find all of the special things which made my grandmother’s house so unique, starting with the bed linen. I wanted to make my house a home, as comfortable and welcoming as hers and so – in my head at least – Josephine Home was born.

Draper London is the more relaxed little brother to our luxury & bespoke homeware specialist core brand Josephine Home, and was launched as an online business in 2017, designed to make a capsule range of our all-time bestsellers available to all, ultimate quality at a price which won’t keep you awake at
night – just the perfect bedfellow!

Name Josephine Home and Draper London
Strap Line Josephine Home and Draper London – Found in Every Good Home
Contact Person Stephanie Betts
Email stephanie@josephinehome.co.uk
Phone 01635200080
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/InBedWithDraper/
Linkedin https://uk.linkedin.com/in/stephanie-gabrielle-betts-pinson-71ba0b3
Twitter https://twitter.com/josephinehome?lang=en
Website https://www.josephinehome.co.uk
Area Nationwide
Address Unit 1A Frilsham Home Farm Business Units
Yattendon, Berkshire RG18 0XT


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