Are you feeling exhausted after a year like 2020?
Is 2021 still feeling a little like a mountain to climb?
Has the challenge of home working, home schooling, worry about loved ones and no social life starting to take it’s toll on your health?

If that’s you – you’re not alone!

In times like these – when all we want is often just to climb under the duvet – it’s really important to look after ourselves.

Because, if you are like most women, you will be so busy looking after everyone else that you’ve put your own needs – and health & happiness – to the bottom of the list.

My programme is designed to help you take some time for your own health and happiness. Because if you get sick, no-one benefits.
And in times like these – we need our health more than ever.
But most of all – because taking the time to nurture your health will bring so much more than energy, focus, weight loss and better sleep – you’ll feel happier, more motivated and more joyful.

Once we reach our forties, things change – in our bodies and in our lives. The Feel Fabulous after 40 programme is designed to tackle the specific issues that most women find more troublesome as they navigate this decade – including dealing with weight gain, managing stress, gut issues, hormonal and mood changes, and sleep.
It’s also designed for busy multi-juggling working parents and professionals – so however much or little time you have, you can use the strategies in a way that works specifically for you, for your body and for your life.

Join me for this online group programme – and start to build the foundations for a healthier, happier 2021.
I’d love to see you in the group 🙂

For RHC members
Use the offer code FFF-RHC and enjoy a 10% discount – and join the programme for only £247.50.

Comments from our previous group members:
“Absolutely brilliant!”
“I loved doing your programme”
“An incredibly professional programme”
I’m blown away at how brilliant it is – you are so clear and informative – calming, inspiring and comforting.”

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Who we are

Empowering women to take control of their health and to look and feel fabulous again. So you can be more, do more and enjoy more in life.

I offer individual consultations, coaching and online programmes to help you address some of the most common health issues that women experience.
Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, stress less or look & feel younger – I can help you feel more like yourself again.

“What you did for me was astounding Jules. To say you changed my life would be minimising the work you had to put in to help me. You are a rock star in the “balance your life” world. Seriously. Through a pandemic, back surgery and multiple health issues you not only helped me lose 48lbs, but at 49 I’ve never felt more energetic or young in my whole life. Thank you thank you thank you.” JM Lechman – Canada

Name Feel Glorious
Strap Line Life’s more fun when you’re fit, healthy and feeling good.
Contact Person Jules Anderson
Email jules@feelglorious.com
Phone 07879607163
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jules.anderson.921
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/jules-anderson-95741b3b/
Twitter https://twitter.com/gloriousjules
Website https://feelglorious.com
Area Nationwide
Address 84 Elms Rd
London, SW4 9EW


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