Second Opinion Service: Free Financial Planning Consultation

For the Love of Money: Do you need a second opinion?

Financial planning is about much more than simply creating returns. Our clients want to find happiness in their lives, which will mean something different to every single person we work with. If we aren’t having deep conversations about freedom and happiness with our clients, then perhaps it’s time we take a better look at what matters most in life.

Money is only valuable because it allows us to grow past a stage in life where we have to work hard for a living, but it won’t help anyone to be truly happy.

As financial planners, we are put into a position to not only offer wise counsel, but actionable plans that can help our clients live truly fulfilling lives.

Interested in knowing more about our investment approach?

If so, here’s what we'd like to offer you: a (virtual) cup of coffee and a second opinion.

By appointment, we would be delighted to have a chat with you about your situation. We will ask you to briefly outline your financial goals – in other words, what you hope your investment portfolio will do for you. Then, we’ll review your strategy with you.

Interested? Feel free to contact us here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you’d like advice about any aspect of your financial, tax or estate planning – please get in touch on 0208 943 9229 or email

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Offer Terms and Conditions:

The initial meeting will be conducted virtually after a telephone chat to gather information and understand the basic financial situation. If we feel that we are unable to help or add value with a specific enquiry, we will provide alternative options to explore.

Who we are

Experts in financial planning, we work with people in various stages of life, including retirement, divorce or bereavement, sale of a business or inheritance challenges.
Our clients include finance professors, solicitors, corporate lawyers, accountants, COOs, CFOs, CEOs as well as business owners and medical professionals. We work to understand your goals and plans. We help you determine what is important to you, to design your ideal future & retirement. We build a plan to help you achieve these goals, adjusting every year for life developments. We want to help you make smart decisions about your money, to allow you to enjoy the peace of mind from a successful investing experience.

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