Developing Women as Resilient Leaders

“Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone” Maxwell.

Do you want to feel more confident, kick away imposter syndrome or make robust decisions that people will listen to?  Do you want to build a stronger network of women who can support you when you need it the most, giving you the courage, the strength and self belief to move forward authentically?

Be a resilient leader, confident in “who you are” and “what you do”.



This programme is specifically designed to develop the capability of women to lead themselves and others. We will focus on the commonly shared barriers that women, irrespective of age or sector, identify as preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Internal Barriers

  • Lack of Confidence
  • Being Heard
  • Imposter Syndrome                                  r

 External Barriers

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Narrow view of leadership
  • Lack of appreciation for emotional intelligence
  • Lack of commitment to diversity


  • Confidence and competence in your resilient leadership
  • Knowledge of your strengths and areas of development and the tools to work on them
  • Awareness of what takes you from pressure to stress and how to rebalance
  • Understanding and application of the RLE™:
    • Clarity of Direction: People know where they are going and why they are going there
    • Leadership Presence: You have “presence” even when you’re not in the room
    • Awareness: Everyone, including you, works at their best, resulting in higher productivity and motivation through challenging times
    • Resilient Decision Making: You have the best chance of making good decisions when it really counts

Using the Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE), this course, run over 12-weeks (6 x evenings) will boost your confidence as a leader, giving you the tools to identify the strengths you can rely on in times of change and even crisis. It will also give you a network of other amazing women who will support you during the programme and beyond, helping to build your strength and belief in who you are and what you do

“It’s one of the best programmes I’ve ever taken, and I thank Skye and Alex for focusing particularly on the aspect of women in leadership and resilience.” Resilient Women Leader from Jan to March 2020 cohort


  • 6 x 90 mins live virtual  masterclasses
  • 2 x Resilient Leaders Consultants
  • 1 x 60 mins 1 to 1 Coaching Session (+ opportunity to purchase more at reduced price)
  • 1 x C-Me Core Report (behavioural profiling)
  • RLDP available for 3 months
  • Small group size – limited to 12 participants
  • Evening workshop 7.30 – 9 / 9.30pm
  • Invest £695 in your personal development (normally £1,200)

Recent cohort achieved 22% growth in muscle in both leadership and resilience over a 3 month period.


This programme will take place via Zoom.


  • Wednesday 22nd September
  • Wednesday 6th October
  • Wednesday 20th October
  • Wednesday 10th November
  • Wednesday 24th November
  • Wednesday 8th December

Please don’t worry if you cannot attend all of the sessions, they will be recorded for you to watch at your own convenience.





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