Pam Custers – In Conversation With …

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Fascinating talking to leading counsellor and psychotherapist Pam Custers. Pam is the founder of The Relationship Practice which specialises in supporting clients to create relationships that thrive.

Thank you to Pam for your inspiring words about how you launched and grew your thriving practice and for sharing your exciting news about how you are supporting corporates and their employees with your online programme at Relatability.

And finally, be sure to watch the video to hear Pam’s advice for dealing with stress and anxiety as we all navigate this period of uncertainty and pressure.

“The difference between a good and a bad relationship is the difference between thriving or simply surviving

We have very little control over our lives but we can take charge of our relationships.

Its not the big grand gestures that make for a good relationship its often the small little things done on a daily basis.”