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Are you worried about your child's English or Maths ability? We offer screenings, baseline assessments, tuition & support. Call today. September offer, 10% off for new clients.
 Our aim is to provide affordable screening and baseline assessments in a range of areas including dyslexia and dyscalculia. We currently cover most areas in Surrey & South West London areas.
 As a new private educational service, we hope to not only help parents with early detection of educational difficulties, but to also educate them in understanding in more detail the target areas that their child needs focusing on. Parents are often wrongly advised to get a full diagnostic assessment, which will test a large number of areas, many of which don't need testing. We aim through an in depth consultation to work out which assessment will be suited to address your child's specific need. Therefore the majority of our work involves targeting only one assessment or screener. This not only saves on cost (an average of between £200-£300) but also means our actual assessments are much shorter making them a more pleasant and fun experience for the child! Contact me today to find out more....